How to Prepare For Your Lip Augmentation

One of the things that we pride ourselves in here at DeRoberts Plastic Surgery is being able to provide patients with a wide array of different services— both surgical and non-invasive. One of our most popular non-invasive procedures is our […]

lip augmentation syracuse, ny

How to Keep Your Lips Moisturized This Fall

Even though fall brings with it a lot of falling leaves, warm sweaters,and an excuse to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte everyday, colder temperatures can also leave your newly plumped lips feeling dry and peeling. Here at DeRoberts Plastic Surgery, […]

eyelid surgery syracuse, ny

How to Recover After a Blepharoplasty

Having droopy skin around your eyes or always having to use concealer to hide dark circles can make you feel like your skin has really started to deflate. And even though there are temporary solutions like Botox to help correct […]

Labiaplasty Syracuse, NY

How to Recover from a Labiaplasty

Deciding to undergo a labiaplasty from DeRoberts Plastic Surgery is an extremely personal decision to make. When and if you decide that a labiaplasty is right for you, one of the most important things to be aware of is what […]

Liposuction for Men Syracuse, NY

5 Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

In a world where cosmetic surgery has primarily been dominated by female patients, it may be surprising to some to hear that cosmetic surgery is consistently gaining popularity amongst male patients year after year. Here at Deroberts Plastic Surgery, we […]

Injectables Syracuse, NY

Radiesse vs Juvederm

Kylie Jenner made having a bigger pout, the biggest trend in Hollywood when she debuted filler filled lips a few years ago. And although we thought that trend would only last a minute, more and more people have opted to […]

Neck Lift Syracuse, NY

What to Expect After a Neck Lift

As most people age, they get to the point where fillers and Botox can only do so much. As one of the part of your body that can show the most aging, the skin on your neck can lose elasticity, […]

Breast Reduction Syracuse, NY

When to Consider a Breast Reduction

In the world of breasts (and in the world, in general) bigger oftentimes seems better. But for some of our patients at DeRoberts Plastic Surgery, bigger breasts can mean more back pain, poor posture, chest pain, and just a level […]

Breast Plastic Surgery Syracuse, NY

5 Types of Breast Surgeries

Breast surgeries are one of the most popular types of plastic surgeries year after year. But one thing that most patients don’t realize is that there are other breast surgeries other than a boob job. Here at DeRoberts Plastic Surgery, […]

Dermal Fillers — Injectable Treatments Syracuse

Both Juvederm and Restylane are FDA-approved hyaluronic-acid dermal fillers that can be easily injected under the skin. Both brands are known to provide lasting results. There are minor technical differences between these hyaluronic-based products. Restylane is one of the more cohesive […]

Understanding the Benefits of Silicone Breast Implants

When choosing breast implants, patients and their doctors will consider two primary options – silicone and saline. While there are benefits to both, tremendous growth in the silicone category has caused many plastic surgeons, including Dr. DeRoberts, to make this […]

What Is to Blame for Facial Aging?

Facial aging is inevitable, though how early in life it begins and how significantly it impacts your appearance varies greatly. There are many factors that play a role in determining how severe the signs of facial aging may be in […]

Learn the Facts About Eyelid Surgery

As we age, signs of facial aging are inevitable. The delicate facial skin begins to lose its elasticity, stretching and drooping. The eyes are particularly vulnerable to these signs of aging. As wrinkles and folds appear, the skin may droop […]

Facts About Male Breast Reduction Surgery For Adolescents

Gynecomastia is the condition in which men have oversized breasts. This condition can present itself in men of all ages, including adolescents. While breast reduction surgery is a viable option that can successfully treat the issue, doctors rarely recommend it […]

Differences Between a Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon

It’s not uncommon for people to confuse cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Actually, these medical professionals are quite different in terms of experience, certification, and levels of training. In order to be named a plastic surgeon, a physician must complete a […]

When to Consider a Breast Lift vs. Augmentation

Many women who are considering plastic surgery are unsure if breast augmentation or a lift would work best for them. However, there are many factors to consider about each that can make the decision much easier. First, it’s important to […]

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